Moritz Erhardt, a 21-year-old, from Germany, is known as a victim of financial sector overwork.[break]
Moritz was a summer intern at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London, and he had fought 1,500 other candidates to get into the investment banking division. He died in the bathroom of his apartment in mid-August 2013, when his internship was almost over.[break]
Before that, he worked three nights in a row, over a 72-hour period. Except that he was said to have had epileptic seizures in recent years, the cause of his death remained unknown.[break]
It was a highly competitive environment; working hours were brutal. It was said that Moritz had an average 4 hours’ sleep every day. He had shown himself to be so capable that the bank was preparing to offer him a full-time job as a £45,000 a year analyst after his graduation.[break]
Being one of the top students in school, Moritz had always been a gifted boy, said by his parents that he practically vibrated with energy and was determined to be the best. He was popular, charming, and ambitious, looking to always give his best performance.  A friend of the family believed Moritz had what it took to become chancellor of Germany one day.[break]
In his early years, though he suffered from neurodermatitis and some other health problems, Moritz was tall and athletically built, was sporty too, enjoying tennis, squash and skiing.[break]
Striving for the top, but the price was too high for Moritz, and his death left his family in deep grief.[break]
For young men who have dreams and ambition, they should also be reminded and educated more about health, which serves as the foundation of everything in life, including those everyone wants to pursue, wealth, , and inner peace. It is essential to learn and develop the consciousness of what your physical body is trying to tell you. It will send you signals telling you what it needs and you should be alert to that.[break]
How GHMZ Dharma can help you:[break]

  1. Develop more awareness toward your physical body and learn how to listen to its needs;
  2. Identify the difficulties or problems you are facing and their root cause;
  3. Dispel toxins from your body, and replenish what it needs with energy;
  4. Strengthen your self-healing ability and become more resistant to harmful substances.